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a good videogame...

disconnects you from your Meat body
and engages your brain wholly.

you forget to eat,
forget to shower,
forget that you made plans
to meatup* with your friends.

you crave nothing
but more interaction,
more engagement,




the videogame envelops you fully
and you become its child,
suckling from the teats of Content.

after hundreds of hours of gameplay
the developers’ vision
becomes one with yours.

after thousands of hours
your eyes are dry
and your wrists are broken
but it doesn’t matter

bc you have mastered the craft of play.

your Self has been subsumed by the Content.

you shed your mortal coil,
and leave a tattered corpse to rot
in your Secretlab™ TITAN Evo (Cyberpunk 2077® Special Edition) Gaming Chair.

the gaming chair. where Meat becomes More

the Meat is your old mother’s problem.

your new mother awaits in Cyberspace.

the Self has transcended.

welcome to your new life, as a True Gamer.

*a "meatup" is Gamerslang for an irl gathering (meat + meetup)

a great videogame...

makes you feel something in your Meat body.

it makes you uncomfortable,
shakes you out of the flow state,
if only for a fleeting moment.

turn off the game,
call a friend,

and tell them
that you love them.