the ✨Special Thanks✨ list - izzy kestrel's blog

while i definitely have plenty of my own creations i'm proud of (and hope to make more in the future), i also find helping others very fulfilling! games are big messy things that require a lot of labor from a lot of different ppl and i'm always very happy when i'm able to contribute in any small way.

this is a list of every instance (that i'm aware of) of my name being included in the ✨Special Thanks✨ section of a shipped video game (or games-adjacent work of art). in most cases, i probably just provided a little playtesting feedback or otherwise made some minor contribution. whatever i actually did, these folks were nice enough to give me some credit for the time and energy i donated to helping their project ship, so i think it's only fair that i credit them back (and also promote their cool games)

if you happen to know of any games missing from this list, please let me know!