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a good videogame...

does not need capitalism to exist.

there should be no aspect,
be it the human labor required to make it
nor the human leisure required to engage with it,
that should require the involvement of irl currency.

can a game be about capitalism?

yes, absolutely.

games can be about anything.

can it engage with capitalist principles?

i suppose so.

can i buy armor for my horse?

of course, don’t be absurd.

we would not want your horse to be harmed1 by the enemy2.

is it really a waste of money if it makes your horse feel pretty?

videogames are just fun labor,
after all,

and what is the point of labor
if you are not rewarded monetarily?

the critical distinction is that no person
who wishes to engage with the Content
should be limited by the balance in their bank account,
the store credit in their GameStop® account,
or the [REDACTED]3 in their crypto wallet.

neither should the creators be limited
bc they lack the funds to realize their vision.

the videogame should be free to play,

not Free to Play.

the Content
should be accessible to all.

1. all animals should be invincible in videogames. in an ideal world, the armor would be for fashion purposes only
2. there should be no enemies in videogames. in an ideal world, there would be only friends
3. i tried to make up a funny cryptocurrency name here but every one i could come up with turned out to be real

a great videogame...

cannot exist bc this logic is flawed

videogames as a medium
only exist
because of moneyed interests.

we live in a broken society
that values numbers
over human lives.

every human only has one (1) Life
and that Life can be extinguished
if you run out of Rings.

Sonic understood this in 1991
and he was a fictional hedgehog.

reckon with this truth.

let it wash over you.

you will NEVER gather enough Rings
to become Super Sonic

you will NEVER kiss Princess Sally Acorn
while she lies comatose
inside a Sleeping Beauty-esque display case
in the middle of Knothole Village.

this is what capitalism has taken from you

this experience cannot be monetized and thus
it will be accessible only
to the billionaires.

Elon Musk is probably kissing Sally right now.

does that upset you?


channel that rage.

tell your friends.

if enough ppl know the truth,

maybe we can do something about it.